Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sailing the High Seas

Things have been extremely busy lately.  
It's irritating how things like work get in the way of hobbies.  
So does the stress of planning a wedding- something I'm in the process of doing. 
My fiancee and I are planning on taking a cruise for our honeymoon, 
and we originally picked one that had a tour of Mayan ruins.
  This, of course, peaked my paranormal interests.  
Surely I'd have some chances to attempt some EVP recording amongst the ruins.  
However, we ended up going with a different cruise- a nice cruise, but no ancient EVP-producing ruins.  While I was still excited about the trip, the paranormal side of me was a little disappointed.  

Until I realized the cruise ship sailed through the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. 

 In fact, most of the trip will take place 
in the Bermuda Triangle
My fiancee tried to say it didn't- 
he just hasn't learned how vast the amount of information regarding paranormal things is in my head.
(My 7 year old assured him we were basically experts thanks to Scooby Doo)

Not an expert on the Bermuda Triangle?
Don't worry, I'll be sharing some information about it in the coming weeks 
so stay tuned.
And in a few months, 
maybe I'll have some interesting stories of my own.
(maybe I'll find something about ghost pirates too)