Monday, April 20, 2009

The Countdown Continues

25 days left to go until the trip to Washington State and the UFO Ranch.....

I realized while perusing my blog that I have not yet touched upon the main phenomena taking place at James Gilliland's Ranch: UFO sightings. And we aren't talking about a handful of sightings, we're talking about 3,000 sightings.

I'm sure everyone pictures the stereotypical UFO witness- some trailer park house wife in worn slippers and a flowered house coat sporting pink plastic curlers in her hair and a lit Marlboro dangling from her lips with her husband (who is also a cousin and uncle) next to her with a tobacco juice stained wife beater, cut off shorts and a belly that makes him look like the next octomom. This isn't the case at the UFO Ranch.

Mr. Gilliland has welcomed NASA scientists, military personnel, physicists, members of the CIA, Special Forces Operatives, Boeing engineers.... the list goes on and on but my point is that the people witnessing this phenomena are those with the knowledge to know that what they're seeing aren't ours.

What are they seeing? Some see lights at night moving in the sky. Most would attribute the lights to meteors or satellites passing by. But do meteors or satellites suddenly get brighter (powering up as James calls it) or suddenly change direction and speed? The answer is- no they don't. So what could it be? And why is the ranch often visited by military helicopters when the nearest military base is 3 1/2 hours away? Do they know something we don't?

I am anxious to check it all out for myself. While I have witnessed what can only be called UFO's (as they were certainly unidentified) I was young and who knows what might have been behind my brief sighting. The experiences at the UFO Ranch have been described as spiritual and enlightening. I am looking forward to having such contact with the paranormal world.

Check out James Gilliland's website: ECETI

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