Monday, January 25, 2010

What to Watch on TV

Is it just me, or are there a slew of paranormal shows now on TV?  Remember the days when no one really talked about their paranormal experiences because they didn't want to look crazy?  Remember when the only information available to someone researching the paranormal were the Time Life books at the library or the 1960's era book (yes one book)?

We've come a long way from such sparse information.  Now there are hundreds of websites dedicated to ghosts and/or investigation the paranomal.  There are many TV shows dealing with it as well.  Here are a few that I've watched, and my opinion of each:

Ghosthunters- SYFY Channel- Follows The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) on investigations.  I was excited when this show premiered as it was a bit different than "Scariest Places on Earth".  It was real investigators doing real investigations.  However, the bickering and yelling that went on completely turned me off to the show.  It was a lot like being in the room with a married couple who is arguing.  You get uncomfortable and want to leave the room.  Luckily all I had to do was change the channel.  The show does have some good qualities and did lose a lot of the negative aspects, but I just can't seem to get involved with the show.

Paranormal State- A&E Network- Investigations of the Penn State Paranormal Research Society (PRS) I have enjoyed watching this show since it started.  While I don't always like the editing and sometimes I think it's a little too dramatic, I do like that they base a lot of their investigating on researching the place in question.  Seeing psychic information validated, or the paranormal activity explained through research is fantastic.  I would like to see more of the actual evidence collected during the investigation.

A Haunting- Discovery Channel- Chronicles true stories of the paranormal told by those who experienced the phenomena.  I enjoy watching this one.  While it doesn't involve investigation, it is interesting learning about different paranormal cases and how they were resolved.

Ghost Lab- Discover Channel- With the use of a high tech "ghost lab" this team travels to investigate hauntings.  I like the scientific nature of their investigations though sometimes they push EVP translation a little.  Still, the scientific part of the show is great to watch and gives some good ideas and theories.

Destination Truth- SYFY Channel- Josh Gates' team travel around the world searching for cryptids and the occasional haunted location.  Again, very scientific, to include gathering DNA evidence.  The team has found significant evidence supporting the possibility of a Yeti in Nepal.  They also have amazing footage taken in a haunted location in Romania.  I really enjoy this show both for its paranormal investigation and the witty comments by Josh Gates.

MonsterQuest- The History Channel- Similar to Destination Truth, MonsterQuest searches primarily for cryptids.  Heavy usage of scientific equipment to gain hard evidence.  Interesting show but sometimes drags.

Ghost Adventures- Travel Channel- I had very high hopes for this show.  The concept is one that I agree is the best for paranormal investigation- 3 guys, no camera or sound crew, just 3 guys and their cameras.  I love the locations they go to and they seem to get very good evidence (and show it to you on the show).  I enjoy this show, though sometimes I think they get a little too dramatic and carried away.

Most Haunted- Travel Channel- Fake, not worth my time to watch or discuss.

Paranormal Cops- A&E- This show just started last week.  The concept is simple.  Chicago cops by day, paranormal investigators by night.  Their first episode was good.  Their investigative backgrounds in the police department may benefit them in their research abilities.  Definitely need to watch this show to see where it goes and how it develops.

Psychic Kids- A&E- I saved the best for last.  The main premise of this show is to help children who have psychic abilities learn about their gifts and how to control them.  Many of the kids featured feel like outcasts, some have treated for psychiatric conditions they don't have.  With the help from a psychologist and a psychic (Chip Coffey is the original one used, but this season has several psychics) these kids and their families learn how to empower themselves and feel better about their gifts.  They do a little investigating but the main goal is helping the kids.  Love it.

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