Friday, June 18, 2010

Solar Weather

What could solar weather possibly have to do with the paranormal you ask? 
What is solar weather, anyway, right?

Simply put (and I stress the simply part), the solar weather that I am referring to is the geomagnetic field and solar flares.  The geomagnetic field is the magnetic field observed in and around the earth. Flares are sudden eruptions of energy on the solar disk (the sun) lasting minutes to hours from which radiation and particles are emitted.  These particles and radiation are shot out towards the earth. Basically, an increase in activity concerning the geomagnetic field or solar flares means an increase in energy in the atmosphere.
How does this affect spirits? Spirits use energy to materialize, and they typically pull this energy from the basic sources around them, i.e., heat, batteries, power lines, etc. But during heightened solar activity, the energy level is increased, therefore, increasing the amount of usable energy for spirits. The increase in energy allows spirits to manifest easier and more often, which in turn increases the possibility of paranormal activity.

New evidence discovered by NASA scientists predicts that a huge solar storm could be headed our way sometime in May of 2012.  NASA believes that the solar flares that will be created will have enough power to significantly affect our way of life here on earth.  What I mean is that our electrical grids will be wiped out, Internet, cell phone service, land line phone service, etc will be rendered useless.  The extent of damage these flares could cause would make the cost of Katrina (in the billion dollar range) look like a mere drop in the bucket.
Still, what does this have to do with ghosts and the paranormal?  Think about it.  Imagine the amount of electricity and radiation that would be in the earth's atmosphere in order to create such havoc.  If ghosts can use energy from an AAA Energizer battery to manifest, what could happen if they had a nearly limitless amount of energy to pull right out of the atmosphere. 
Is there a reason why the world has begun this new spiritual revolution?  Are all these paranormal TV shows and groups popping up for a reason?  Will we be able to finally speak with passed loved ones via our HAM radios?

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