Monday, July 8, 2013

P. Noel

Above the rocks of Devil's Den, there's a large boulder that bears the mark P. NOEL.
There is a story that Peggy Noel, who was decapitated in a carriage accident along Marsh Creek,
came here in ghost form and carved the name with her finger of fire.
I've also heard the more believable story that it was chiseled by a surveyor.
Either way, it's said that if you trace the name with your finger, 
bad luck will follow.
A few years ago,
I was with a Boy Scout Troop and told them the story of Peggy, 
her finger of fire and 
the doom that would come 
should they dare to trace the name.
Of course, several of them traced the name.
On the way back to the cars, 
one boy stepped in a ditch and had to be taken to the hospital
with what was thought to be a broken leg.
Immediately following, there were 5 boys sobbing in a van
certain they had brought about their friend's accident by tracing the name.

Do I think doom will befall you if you trace it?
Will I trace the name myself?
Why take the chance?

(The boy didn't break his leg, just did some ligament damage and it's been a great story to tell)


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