Saturday, October 27, 2012

Be Prepared

Who doesn't like a good storm?  And what paranormal enthusiast wouldn't find some humor in a storm dubbed the "Frankenstorm" that is hitting close to Halloween and on a full moon?  While I get excited at the prospect of losing power for a bit and relying on candlelight to read ghost stories by, this storm isn't one people should take lightly.  So for all those in the potential path of Hurricane Sandy (the East Coast) or in areas that will undoubtedly receive the effects of Sandy, please be prepared!  Here are some suggestions:

Power outages will be widespread and could last for days! Keep in mind, those with a well will also lose water along with electricity.  
  • Have flashlights and batteries- one for each person in the household
  • Have water on hand for drinking and personal hygiene
  • Fill tubs with water
  • Fill available pitchers and containers with water
  • Fill and freeze empty plastic bottles to put in freezer- a full freezer holds cold better than an empty one
  • Get coolers ready- if power goes out, use coolers for things you need often out of the fridge to limit the amount of times you have to open the door
  • Set freezers and refrigerators to coldest setting
  • Have an alternate way to cook if you have an electric stove
  • Fill grill propane tanks
  • purchase sterno cans
  • have a manual can opener
  • Have matches or a lighter on hand
  • Have a radio with batteries or a hand crank radio 
  • Charge cell phones
  • Make sure you fill your car's gas tank, park vehicle facing out and try to park away from trees
  • Secure any loose items in your yard
  • Check on your elderly or invalid neighbors
We hope for the best but prepare for the worst.  Stay safe out there and hopefully we'll be back to blogging next week

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