Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Shadow People- A Growing Phenomena

You're watching TV and suddenly catch something out of the corner of your eye.  You turn your head to look and see a shadowy figure dart quickly around a corner or through a wall.  Or you wake up in the middle of the night and see a figure darker than night staring at you and you're gripped with fear.  These are just a couple of scenarios people report of visits from "shadow people".

What are shadow people? By definition, they are supernatural humanoid figures that are described as being blacker than night with quick jerky movements and the ability to quickly disappear through walls, around corners or into mirrors.  Some are described as having red eyes though many have no facial features at all.  Some believe that shadow people are simply ghosts, however, there is a distinct difference between the two.  Apparitions that are seen tend to be describe as wispy forms and many have describable details such as facial features and clothing.  Shadow people have no discernible features or details.

For years, most encounters with shadow people involved seeing them out the the corner of the eye.  The encounters were brief with the entities disappearing quickly- making some question what they had actually seen.  Now encounters are starting to include more direct sightings with people viewing them full on in front of them and for longer periods of time.  In 2012, sightings of shadow people was one of the most reported paranormal phenomena.

I've had my own run-ins with these entities.  Approximately 14 years ago, I was regularly seeing figures out of the corner of my eye looking around corners at me.  As I would notice movement in my peripheral vision, I would quickly turn my head and see a dark form pull back behind the wall. After mentioning the sightings to my mother, I learned that my father was witnessing the same thing in the same areas of the house that I was. 

October 2010 I had another encounter with a shadow figure, this one more frightening.  I was taking my daughter and a couple of her friends out on the Gettysburg Battlefield for some ghost hunting.  We went to the tower at Culp's Hill.  While we were sitting on the steps of the tower platform, we heard footsteps on the tower.  At the time, there were no other cars or people in the area.  I climbed up 2 flights of steps on the tower and sat quietly listening.  There was no other noise heard.  At this point, the girls were feeling uncomfortable as was I.  We opted to head out.  As we made our way across the road to our parked vehicle, I felt someone watching us and turned to look behind us.  There I saw a shadow figure standing on the platform of the tower.  We kept walking to the van, and I turned and looked again and saw the figure had moved closer. I unlocked the van doors, but as everyone went to open the doors, they locked again.  It took 3 tries before we were able to open the doors and get into the car.  The encounter left me rattled.

So what are these things? There are many theories about what they might be.  Some think they could be astral bodies or spiritual bodies of people  having out of body experiences.  Others think they could be time travelers, aliens or inter-dimensional beings.  Some argue that they're dark beings or demons and still others claim that they are guardian angels.  In my own experiences, I felt apprehension and fear, but I'm not quick to say they're evil.  I simply do not know.

Have you had your own experiences with shadow people? I'm compiling stories of this phenomena and would welcome you to email me your stories at

Stay tuned for information regarding another shadow figure known as "The Hat Man"

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